I can’t stress enough how important the first sharing of your work is.  You’re about to cross a line in the life of the project that you can’t ever cross back over.  Outside input will now enter your creative process for the first time.  And it’s going to have an impact, positive or negative or both.  It’s going to reshape how you think about your script and all the work you’ve done up until this point.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Lanford Wilson once described to me his take on the initial private creation of a work:

It’s such a mysterious and delicate process…as all of this is filtered through some sort of machine that we call “the Muse” and down onto the paper.  And you don’t know where half of that comes from.  And you don’t know what’s going to stop it or what’s going to impede that flow.

And this delicate relationship you have with your project changes for good as soon as you begin sharing your script with others.

Because of this, the initial feedback you seek should be from carefully selected sources and needs to be tightly controlled.  Many of the writers I’ve worked with rely on one or two trusted people who have become invaluable as early readers of their work.  And in many cases, it took a long time to find them.

Once located, however, these folks are a wonderful asset and an important part of the on-going writing process–or, perhaps more accurately, of the birthing process.  These friends become like midwives at the birth of a child, helping to guide each script into the world.  And they often continue in this role as the child “grows.”  You, the writer, have to go through the labor, give birth, and care for each child’s development, but these trusted people often continue to play a crucial role.

So when you’re ready for that initial release of a new script, look for people (one or two tops) who have four basic qualities:  a perceptive mind, a generous spirit, a good working knowledge of the medium you’re working in, and no fear to honestly tell you what they really think.

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